About Me - Clive Wright Photography

My name is Clive Wright. I was born in Germiston, South Africa many moons ago. I now live in a sleepy coastal village in the Eastern Cape called St Francis Bay.

I did a lot of B&W photography as a teenager but found I couldn't afford the equipment to improve. I scrounged darkroom equipment and developed my own work in a home made darkroom. The expense just slowed me down and I eventually gave it up. Two years ago I got back into photography in the digital age. After getting over the initial phobia of "ISO's" above 100 ASA (because of the graining problems associated with Silver photography), I gained confidence in the equipment, my own skills and the subject matter.

I am learning everyday and am passionate about wildlife, landscaping and nature, so the photography is an extension of that passion. I have recently developed some techniques for wave and surfing images. Every photo I take is a record of my experience with the animal, bird or view. It helps me relive that experience and share that feeling or mood with other people. I have been fortunate to meet a lot of helpful people along the way that have helped me improve my passion and my photos are dedicated to them. I hope that anyone seeing my photos gets a little bit out of them like I do.

I shoot with Canon equipment and have come to enjoy the variety of equipment that Canon has to offer.


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